Why is Trump Running?

Hardest working candidate ever...

Discerning motives underlying actions can be difficult. Yet in the case of assessing Donald Trump’s motives for seeking the presidency, it is not particularly challenging. Examining his background, juxtaposed to relevant factors related to our national situation, provides a credible basis for understanding his true motivation.

Mr. Trump, by any standard, is a very wealthy individual. He has vast real estate resources throughout the world, and continues to expand his global real estate empire. Conservative estimates indicate that Trump is worth at least $4 billion, and that number may be as high as $10 billion. He not only owns real estate, in the form of his signature property, Trump Tower in Manhattan, but also vast hotel properties, golf resorts, and condominium and office buildings here and abroad (See The Trump Organization). His newest luxury hotel, Trump International, Washington D.C., a conversion of the old US Post Office building, just opened down the street from The White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. In addition, he owns aircraft including one of the world’s most luxurious Boeing 757s emblazoned with the “Trump” brand on its side, which he has been using as his campaign aircraft. He also owns helicopters, and a range of expensive vehicles. It is hard to recall a time when Trump was not a high profile celebrity, yet his public persona was certainly elevated through his starring role on the highly successful reality TV program, The Apprentice. All assets considered, Donald Trump, for decades, has possessed fame and fortune. Trump has enjoyed the world’s treasures, and from the standpoint of most people, has led an enviable lifestyle. Thus, one can reasonably conclude that Trump does not need, nor is he motivated by money and recognition.

The late Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship, cited “power” as the central reason people seek the presidency. Thus, one might conclude that a zeal for power is the primary factor motivating Trump’s candidacy at this point in his life. Yet the truth is that, in this world, money begets power. So many people will compromise themselves and their priorities for the sake of money, or material gain. In effect, money buys access and influence, that is, power. Thus, anyone who has the amount of money that Trump possesses has power in society, and the world. As Trump has often said during the campaign, he has “given money to politicians from both parties.” He has had access and influence as a business leader, at every level of government, and had he not become a candidate, would have assuredly remained in this position. Trump is not a politician, and a desire for power is not a reason for him to become one, particularly given that he is 69 years old, and is running for elected office for the very first time. In effect, if Trump sought direct political power, he could have run for the presidency decades ago.

So why is Trump running? It’s really very simple. The country is in a desperate situation. Our economy is in decline, due to the outsourcing of manufacturing, and the inability to create full-time high wage jobs for middle-class Americans. Illegal immigration, and prospective mass migration, of the kind seen in Europe, threatens to replace American workers with cheap labor; and undermine American values, which are based upon Christian principles, through European-style multiculturalism – a danger to this nation’s moral foundation and way of life. These factors combined will destroy the American standard of living for most citizens, and relegate the American Dream to history. The nation will no longer be able to afford to maintain the US military as the most powerful force on earth, which threatens our ability to protect freedom and the rights of Americans, under the US Constitution.

Trump sees the danger to our country. He knows that the politicians on both sides of the aisle are owned by their corporate donors; whose interests is only in globalization and worldwide profits based-upon cheap labor; and that the country’s elected leaders will not act to reverse these economic and immigration trends, which will lead to the demise of America as we have known it. Trump is a patriot, who refuses to sit idly by, and watch the country he loves be destroyed by corrupt leaders in the business, financial, corporate media, and political establishment, who do not care that their globalist vision and ideological construct will devastate the lives of everyday American citizens. As Trump said in his speech at Gettysburg today, “I’m not a politician, and have never wanted to be one. But when I saw the trouble our country was in, I knew I couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. Our country has been so good to me, I love our country, I felt I had to act.” In effect, Trump is standing up for everyday Americans; even for those who oppose him, due to ignorance of the nation’s grave situation, and their inability to understand that he is the sole person running for president who has their interests at heart.

Like him or not, Donald Trump, who could have simply ignored this nation’s desperate situation, and chosen to continue leading a life of luxury and pleasure, anywhere in the world, in his sunset years, is looking out for you and your family.

God has given this nation one last hope to change its perilous course, and this hope is in the form of a man called Trump. You should be praying for his protection, and voting for election, each day.

By Allen Sutton