Trump’s “Strategery” and Romney

President-elect Donald Trump meets with former Governor Mitt Romney.

There is a great amount of angst among many Trump supporters over the prospect of former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney being appointed as Secretary of State in the impending Trump Administration. The question is what is Trump up to in consideration of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State?

Trump’s immediate political priority is to unify the Republican party, particularly in the Congress. Recall that Romney’s former running mate in the 2012 presidential election was congressman, now House Speaker, Paul Ryan.  Trump seeks to garner as much support among House republicans, particularly those who did not support his candidacy during the Republican primary, as possible. Hence, his high profile overture to Romney, despite his overt and continuous opposition to Trump, and actions to stop Trump from winning the Republican nomination for president. Remember that Romney not only made a major televised speech lambasting Trump as a fraud, and a con man, but also was likely a part of the effort to place Evan McMullen on the general election ballot as a conservative alternative to Trump, with the hope that he would siphon of Trump votes in Utah, thereby denying Trump an electoral college victory in the general election.

In view of Romney’s actions during the primary and general election, Trump owes him nothing, let alone a serious consideration for a cabinet level post, such as Secretary of State. Notwithstanding, Trump, by virtue of considering Romney in a serious manner, abrogates any sentiment among Republicans opposed to his nomination, that he did not make an effort to reach out to his Republican political opponents, thus opening the door to their support to pass his legislative agenda. In effect, Trump’s “strategery”(I.e., “strategy”) is to secure the enthusiastic support of all Republicans in the Congress, which will make passing his legislative agenda on replacing Obamacare, building the wall, cutting taxes, and renegotiating trade deals, as efficient as possible.

So will Trump appoint Romney as Secretary of State? Not likely. However, he may appoint him to another cabinet post, such as Secretary of the Treasury, or Secretary of Commerce. Observe that Trump has effectively negated a Romney selection, by virtue of comments made by senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, which represented that the Trump voting base is vehemently opposed to Romney as Secretary of State. Who will Trump appoint as Secretary of State? More than likely former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a respected leader, and loyal Trump supporter at a time when it was still politically risky to offer support to the Trump candidacy for president.

By Allen Sutton