Trump’s Post-election “Thank You Tour 2016” – Staying in the Arena

President-elect Donald Trump speaks at Thank You Rally in Wisconsin on Dec 13 2016.

President-elect Donald Trump, while virtually completing his cabinet appointments earlier than any president-elect in modern history, has not limited his activities to meeting with prospective cabinet members, and business and political leaders. In his indefatigable style, he is maintaining close interaction with his millions of supporters by embarking on a post election Thank You America tour, comprised of holding his, now lauded, campaign style rallies, in seven states to date. In effect, his unprecedented election represents the end of the beginning. This tour, on its surface, would seemingly reflect only a sincere desire to express gratitude to his supporters. Yet, a closer examination reveals a much more strategic intent on the part of Mr. Trump, and his capacity for pushing his legislative agenda through the congress.

Indeed, President-elect Donald Trump does want to express his appreciation for all of the hard work and commitment of his supporters; and these thank you events are an excellent means of doing so. However, there are other, equally compelling reasons, for engaging in these thank you events.

Trump campaigned on an “America first” policy platform, meaning that if elected, he would resolve the immigration problem, in part by building a wall on the southern border; renegotiate or cancel NAFTA, and other trade agreements, construed as unfair to America; repeal and replace Obamacare; rebuild the U.S. military; cut taxes for all businesses and individuals; and reduce non-safety related regulations impeding business activity.

In view of these promises, Trump will need to maintain active support among his voting constituents, who collectively represent tremendous political weight, which can be harnessed by Trump as needed, provided his support remains focused and engaged from the onset of the new administration through the congressional legislative process. In this respect, Trump’s Thank You rallies, are one central means of keeping his supporters enthusiastically engaged after he is sworn in as president.

Trump needs to maintain and showcase a visible connection to his supporters primarily for two reasons: (1) because his supporters expect it, having placed their confidence in Trump that he would do exactly as promised; and (2) that Trump himself needs to maintain direct contact with his supporters to retain a personal sense that they are not only focused, but more importantly fully ready to exercise their influence on their elected representatives, at any time that might become necessary. In effect, maintaining a highly visible support among his supporters will serve as a strong deterrent to any elected official who might attempt to impede Trump’s agenda from being implemented. Make no mistake, thousands of people attending a political rally, unprecedented in post-election modern politics, sends a very powerful message to any politician serving in office. Moreover, holding these rallies allows Trump to circumvent the corporate media, and deliver his messages in an unfiltered manner directly to the American people. In effect, Trump by virtue of campaign style rallies, coupled with continuing his use of social media, including Twitter and Facebook, does not need the traditional corporate media to communicate in mass with the voting public. In national politics, this is a “game-changing” phenomenon.

Thus far, President-elect Trump has held seven (7) Thank You rallies, with the final one of the year on December 17th, in Mobile, Alabama. Trump, given his business background, and characteristic of any effective corporate leader, is always thinking “strategically.” Hence, look for President-elect Trump to continue holding these huge rally style events after taking office. In short, as president, Trump will remain in the arena.

By Allen Sutton