Donald Trump – on the Way to Main Street USA

On Friday January 20th, the American people will inaugurate a new president, Donald J. Trump; a man who was elected against almost all odds according to the political establishment, including journalists, pundits, pollsters, and career politicians. Trump won a clear victory, including the Democrat strongholds of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Since his election, Trump has been subjected to constant attacks in the form of protests, state vote recounts, Electoral College vote challenges, alleged election process interference from Russia, ridicule by proxy in some senate confirmation hearings; and most recently, a promised boycott of the inaugural ceremony by at least 60 Democratic members of Congress.

These relentless attacks reflect an orchestrated strategy by the liberal Democrat establishment to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency. The attacks will continue despite any positive actions by Trump and his administration. The good news is that the attacks are failing and will continue to fail. What is remarkable is that the liberal establishment does not seem to realize that these attacks on Trump are not only failing, but are having a “boomerang” effect on their party establishment and its supporters. These partisan attacks by Democrat politicians and their corporate media collaborators, makes them appear as though they are living in a prior era, and not in the present.

The reason these attacks are failing is because the political establishment, including all of its components, has absolutely no credibility among the nearly 63 million people who elected Trump. One would imagine that the establishment would understand this reality, in the aftermath of constantly attacking Trump, for example, about not releasing his income tax returns. The fact is that Trump’s supporters simply do not care about Trump’s tax returns. People already know Trump is wealthy; and as long as he has not broken any laws, the purported issue is moot.

Main Street USA

Democrat politicians, the corporate media, liberal pundits and strategists, and pollsters are only viewed as self-serving people, who have no regard for anyone outside of their elitist political circle. Main Street Americans, that is, middle-class Americans, view these people as dishonest, and antithetical to their economic, security, education, and health care interests; and their Christianity-rooted moral perspective.  Hence, they are simply ignored; and are in danger of becoming invisible to anyone but themselves, and a shrinking political voter base. Their disgraceful boycott of the Trump inauguration reduces them to the stature of petulant children.

The fundamental problem with the liberal establishment, that they refuse to observe in their politics, is that the majority of Americans do not support their global-socialist worldview, and its attendant economic, security, and secularist anti-Christian policies.

Main Street Americans want the United States to maintain its national sovereignty, and remain an economic and military superpower, as a force for good on the planet. They do not support multiculturalism, open borders, and mass migration into America. They do not support demographic division, but rather unity on the basis of equal opportunity and personal responsibility. They do not support chaos, but rather law and order in the streets.

In short, Main Street Americans, the middle-class, do not want their country fundamentally transformed; they want significant problems resolved with common sense, “Main Street” solutions. President-elect Trump, despite his extraordinary business success, still has his primary residence, on Main Street.

By Allen Sutton