Trump – Choosing to Win for America

President-elect Donald Trump (Vice President-elect Mike Pence in background) and CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder, appointed as Secretary of Labor.

Without any doubt, President-elect Donald Trump is building an American “Dream Team” to win on the world’s economic, and security, battlefields. This team is comprised of business leaders, political leaders, and military leaders. He is assembling the best of the best, to execute his America First doctrine. You may not recognize many of the names; names like Tillerson, Ross, Puzder, Mnuchin, Navarro, and McMahon; but that is only because many of them have not held political office, any more than Trump himself before his successful presidential run.

What do the mix of business, political, and non-political or warrior military leaders, such as Mattis, Flynn, and Kelly mean for the U.S.? It means that President-elect Donald Trump is deadly serious about implementing his campaign policy positions.

Thus far, Trump’s economic team of Ross, Puzder, Mnuchin, Navarro, Ichan, and McMahon, as Commerce Secretary, Labor Secretary, Treasury Secretary, Trade Council Director, Regulatory Advisor, and Small Business Administrator, respectively, is perhaps the most formidable economic policy team assembled in a presidential cabinet. These people are not talkers, but proven leaders in industry and high finance, who support Trump’s “America First” economic policy. They are smart, tough, and patriotic, who will execute effectively on behalf of the United States as a player on world economic battlefield. They will play to win on trade relationships, and on recapturing and expanding manufacturing, and job creation in America.

Trump’s national security team, led by General Mike Flynn, as National Security Advisor, General James “Mag Dog” Mattis, as Defense Secretary,  Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, as Secretary of State, General John Kelly, as Homeland Security Secretary, Senator Jeff Sessions, as Attorney General, and Congressman Mike Pompeo as CIA Director, means that he is determined to reconstitute the global posture of the U.S. as the preeminent military force on the planet, and that the days of ISIS, and other terrorists networks, are numbered. Trump intends to “back up” his “peace through strength” foreign policy, with the men, women, and unrivaled military hardware, such as a 355 ship navy, that will compel any potential adversary to stand down in the face of overwhelming U.S. military superiority, coupled with the presidential will to use it, if necessary. In short, the message already being delivered around the world, by virtue of Trump’s security selections, is that there is a “new sheriff in town.”

In addition to his official appointments, Trump has a perspicacious, and reputable, cadre of outside advisers, including former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Anyone who has honestly and objectively assessed Donald Trump, knows that he is mentally strong; tough; patriotic; as Dr. Ben Carson said, “Cerebral;” has a big heart; and notwithstanding, a spine of steel. He is aggressively pursuing his America First agenda priorities, and establishing the national leadership team required to do so. Trump, as he always has in his business life, is playing to win; this time, not for himself, but for America.

By Allen Sutton