Trump – Choosing a “Dream Team” for America

President-elect Donald Trump introduces retired Marine Corps General James Mattis, as nominee for US Secretary of Defense at North Carolina Thank You rally.

President-elect Donald Trump, not unlike the 1992 US Olympic Basketball Team, is assembling a “dream team” for America’s government. Mr. Trump often said during the Republican Primary election, that he would find the famed “General George Patton” of this era, and that he would get the best people in America to lead the departments and agencies that comprise the U.S. Government. Thus far, Mr. Trump, given his cabinet selections, seems to be adhering to this commitment.

To date, Mr. Trump, in concert with his presidential transition team led by Vice President-elect, Governor Mike Pence, during the transition process, has met with more than 80 political, and business leaders, and made what few argue, are stellar selections for senior roles in the U.S. Government.

1992 US Olympic Basketball "Dream Team" which won the Gold Medal
1992 US Olympic Basketball “Dream Team” which won the Gold Medal for the United States

Without mentioning everyone he has chosen thus far, the roster includes Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, one of the most respected conservative senators in the U.S. Senate for 20 years; world-renowned neurosurgeon, and former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, an individual epitomizing the American “rags to riches” story, for Secretary of Housing & Urban Development; General Mike Flynn, among the best intelligence officials in the country for National Security Adviser; philanthropist, former chair of the Michigan Republican Party, and chair of the education organization American Federation of Children, Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education; former Labor Secretary Elaine Cao for Secretary of Transportation, a woman known for her knowledge of U.S. infrastructure, a major priority for the incoming Trump Administration; former CEO of the World Wrestling Federation, Linda McMahon, credited with the dramatic expansion of the company, for Administrator of the US Small Business Administration; investment magnate, former banker, and turnaround strategist Wilbur Ross for Secretary of Commerce; Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo, a leading congressional intelligence expert, and first in his class graduate from West Point, and Harvard Law Review Editor, for CIA Director; Georgia Congressman Dr. Tom Price, a leading critic of Obamacare, and health care reform expert for Secretary of Health & Human Services; retired four-star general, and commander of US Southern Command, General John Kelly for Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security; and retired, legendary, four-star Marine Corps general, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, for US Secretary of Defense.

NBC News is reporting that Trump has selected current chairman and CEO of Exxon-Mobil Corporation, Rex Tillerson, as Secretary of State. Tillerson, who has vast international business experience with global business and political leaders, including Russian president Vladimir Putin, will be nominated together with former UN Ambassador John Bolton, as Deputy Secretary of State. Given the two men’s combined experience, they would certainly represent a venerable foreign policy team.

Trump, by his selections thus far, is showcasing, what most in the political realm give him little credit for; that is, his vast corporate leadership and management ability, the skill that allowed him to build a successful worldwide real estate empire. This time, Trump is building for America; and creating a “dream team” from American seasoned and proven business and political leadership professionals, to compete and win for America. Stay tuned – Trump is just getting started.

By Allen Sutton