Tonight’s Final 2016 Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

In tonight’s final presidential debate, Donald Trump must focus attention on three central ideas: jobs; corruption, and security. As Democratic strategist James Carville incisively said, “It’s the economy stupid!”

Trump has the opportunity tonight to reinforce his commitment to bringing manufacturing back to America, through the renegotiation of unfair trade deals with China, Mexico, and other countries, and to end the currency manipulation by countries such as China and Japan, which effectively stops American companies from being able to sell their products in these markets, while simultaneously incentivizing US manufacturers to continue producing in these, and other cheap labor markets around the world. Trump should also reference his aggressive tax cutting proposals for large and small businesses, and individuals, which is a huge incentive for business expansion, and job creation in the US. With over 94 million people effectively out of the workforce in America today, focusing on these elements will have tremendous appeal to voters. Trump should contrast his experience in creating jobs, with her experience, almost all of which involves nothing but government service.

Washington is corrupt; and the corruption is extensive throughout the government, including in the State Department, Justice Department, and the FBI. In view of Mrs. Clinton’s problems concerning the use of a private server; the disclosure of classified information; and the “pay for play” scheme surrounding the Clinton Foundation, Trump must emphasize that he will end the corruption plaguing Washington D.C., which only an outsider can do.

Americans are scared for their safety, facing threats at home and abroad. Radical Islamic Terrorism has spread to at least 30 countries in the form of ISIS, and the Middle East is in chaos. This poses a direct threat to Americans, and to our allies in the region, in Western Europe, and elsewhere. Trump should emphasize that this collapse of regional stability is attributable to the failed vision and policy of President Obama, and Mrs. Clinton, during her tenure as Secretary of State. Clinton supports policies which pose a direct threat to American citizens, including her proposal to bring more Syrian refugees, who cannot be vetted, into the US, and her open borders policy, as revealed in the Wiki-Leaks e-email disclosures. Trump must assert his commitment to rebuild the US military, and to quickly destroy ISIS. He should also emphasize that Americans must be free to protect themselves, by reinforcing his strong support of the 2nd Amendment, and stating that he will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitutional right to bear arms.

In short, Trump’s job tonight is to state that he will change the status quo, represented by Clinton, by creating jobs, ending the corruption of the Washington establishment, and protecting the lives of American citizens. Trump must convey that he is the only real and credible “change agent,” the commander in chief needed at this time to return America to greatness.