Today’s News Media – A Propaganda Enterprise

Most of the today’s traditional or mainstream news media, including television, radio, newspaper, and magazine, has become so biased in its reporting and presentation of news and information, that it can now be justly classified as a liberal propaganda enterprise.

To understand why the news media is liberally biased, one must examine the structure of the media industry, its principle interests and motives, and its relationship to major industry stakeholders.

First, observe that 90% of today’s American media companies are owned by six large corporations. These six companies control most of what we see, read and hear in the media marketplace. The depiction below provides a quick glance of the scope of ownership and control these companies wield in the mass media market. (A detailed representation of the media holdings of these six companies is at the end of this 6-media-companiesarticle).

As you might imagine, there is a gargantuan amount of revenue generated by these six companies, about $170 billion dollars annually, whose superseding interest is, of course, maximizing profit. Media companies generate revenue through advertising sales, which is based upon TV and radio program ratings, newspaper and magazine sales and subscriptions, and book sales. The central question then is: who are the advertisers? Well, the manufacturers and services producers of consumer products and services. Have you visited WalMart lately; or practically any other US retail store? Have you noticed where the products are manufactured? Yes – China; and also countries including Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Viet Nam, and many others around the world. In short, US consumer products are manufactured almost anywhere except America; and herein resides the reason for the liberal bias permeating today’s American media industry.

US manufacturers have, over the past 25 years, created and expanded a global economic and financial “gravy train.” This gravy train, or business model, is predominately based upon cheap labor in Asia, and elsewhere around the world. These manufacturers do not want production to return to the US. Hence, the media companies, who generate their revenue and profits from advertising and related sales, in support of their major stakeholder, that is, their corporate advertising clients, support their client’s collective interest in maintaining production in cheap labor markets. Accordingly, the media companies, in concert with the US manufacturers, global corporate bankers and Wall Street investment banks, are vehemently opposed to any idea of returning manufacturing to the US. In this respect, from their standpoint, this idea poses an existential threat to their gravy train – and that threat is represented by the prospective election of the Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul and celebrity personality, has vowed to return manufacturing to the US. Consequently, given their financial interest, the American media industry is on a political mission; and that is, to stop Donald Trump from being elected president at virtually all costs.

Based upon his proposed America first economic, trade, tax, immigration, and job creation policies, Mr. Trump is a patriot, who cannot be persuaded to abandon his quest to save the American economy, job base, tax base, and standard of living, on behalf of middle class America. Given his tremendous wealth, he cannot be bought or controlled by anyone. Realizing this, the media, in support of their clients’ and their own profit interests, is biased against Mr. Trump, and is essentially, using their vast news and program media resources and reach, to demolish his candidacy; and by virtue thereof, provide political support to Mrs. Clinton. This is a shameful and detestable act by the American media industry, as their support of manufacturing outside of the US, will inevitably destroy this nation’s economic foundation, job base, tax base, and standard of living for most Americans. Moreover, it will place the nation in danger of not being able to defend its sovereignty or preserve its liberty, as it will be unable to afford over $600 billion dollars annually for national defense in a world ripe with security threats from nations, and terrorists networks.

It seems that US manufacturers, and the media industry, will stop at nothing to preserve their short and long-term objective of maximizing profit and stock value, by outsourcing production. These companies, transnational in nature, have leaders with a “globalist” attitude, one that is antithetical to the economic and financial interests of America, its sovereignty, and traditional standard of living. It must observed, that US companies, operating and generating profits, in accordance with rights afforded by the US Constitution, have no moral or ethical right to produce their products in foreign countries, for the sake of increased profits, and subsequently sell them in the US, when doing so eliminates the jobs and reduces the standard of living of the US citizens who buy their products. In fact, such activity is immoral and unethical, as it ultimately will irreparably damage the country and the citizens that afford them their right to conduct business and make money.

A review of the coverage of the presidential election, and its candidates, substantiates the liberal bias of the media, particularly against Donald Trump. When Trump announced his candidacy in June of 2015, He was berated by the media for his comments about illegal immigration from Mexico. He said, “They are not sending their best, their sending crime and drugs, and rapists.” This was immediately reported and interpreted by the media as Trump calling everyone crossing the border criminals. In merely applying common sense to his remarks, one would conclude that he was only attributing this characterization to some proportion of the illegal border crossers. When Trump announced his policy to ban people from Islamic countries for security reasons, the media immediately interpreted this policy as a ban on American citizens who are Muslim, and even deployed US service men and women who are Muslim. Again, applying common sense would lead one to conclude that he was referring only to foreigners, who have no right to enter the US whatsoever.

Yes, the traditional, or mainstream media, is liberally biased; and by using their resources to promote what amounts to political propaganda, they are doing great damage to the nation’s political process, the institution of the press, and the nation.

According to a 2016 study conducted by the Media Research Center, the major networks covered alleged Trump controversies at a rate four times that of Clinton.

candidate media airtime picture

As Fox News Channel’s Bill O’reilly stated, “It is no secret that most in the media despise Donald Trump and coverage of the candidate reflects that.”

Notwithstanding, there is some good news connected with the liberally biased reporting. According to a September 2016 Gallop Poll, only 32% believe that the news is reported fairly, the lowest level ever recorded by the poll, conducted annually since 1997. (Gallop 2016) Americans simply do not trust the mainstream media. Most importantly, there is a counterbalancing media force in the country, and that is, the Internet-based media, or “new media,” as it is commonly called. As a consequence of the new media, traditional media is being held accountable and challenged on their reporting. News web sites, political blogs, and social media sites, reach tens of millions, rapidly, and at a very low cost. Hence, almost anyone can become a journalist today; which is most fortunate, given the biased reporting of the mainstream media establishment. In short, if you want reliable news and fact-based news analysis, rely upon credible news and information sources from today’s “new media.”

By Allen Sutton

Detailed Table of 6 Corporate Media Conglomerates’ Holdings

Time Warner

Walt Disney


News Corporation

CBS Corporation


CNN ABC Paramount Pictures Dow Jones & Company, Inc. CBS News NBC
HBO Disney Paramount Home Entertainment Fox Television Stations CBS Sports Bravo
Time Inc. ESPN Black Entertainment Television (BET) The New York Post CBS Television Network CNBC
Turner Broadcasting Disney Channel Comedy Central TV Guide CNET MSNBC
Warner Bros The History Channel Country Music Television (CMT) Fox Searchlight Pictures NBC Sports
CW Network SOAPnet Logo Beliefnet CBS Radio Inc. (130 stations) NBC Television Network
TMZ A&E MTV Fox Business Network CBS Consumer Products Oxygen
New Line Cinemax Lifetime MTV Canada Fox Kids Europe CBS Outdoor SciFi Magazine
Cartoon Network Buena Vista Home Entertainment MTV2 Fox News Channel CW Network (50% ownership) Telemundo
TBS Buena Vista Theatrical Productions Nick Magazine Fox Sports Net Infinity Broadcasting USA Network
TNT Buena Vista Records Nick Jr Fox Television Network Simon & Schuster (Pocket Books, Scribner) Weather Channel
America Online Disney Records Nickelodeon FX
Mapquest Hollywood Records Noggin My Network TV Westwood One Radio Network


Focus Features
Moviefone Miramax Films Spike TV MySpace NBC Universal Television Distribution
Castle Rock Touchtone Pictures TV Land News Limited News NBC Universal Television Studio
Sports Illustrated Walt Disney Pictures VH1


Phoenix InfoNews Channel Paxson Communications (partial ownership)
Fortune Pixar Animation Studios Phoenix Movies Channel Hulu
Marie Claire 277 Radio Stations Sky PerfecTV Universal Parks & Resorts
DC Comics Buena Vista Games Speed Channel Universal Studio Home Video


People Magazine Hyperion Books STAR TV India
The Wall Street Journal
Fox Broadcasting Company
Fox Interactive Media
HarperCollins Publishers
The National Geographic Channel
National Rugby League
News Interactive
News Outdoor
Radio Veronica
Sky Italia
Sky Radio Denmark
Sky Radio Germany
Sky Radio Netherlands

(Source: Michael Snyder 2013).