The Case For Donald Trump

donald trump picture
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Throughout the 2016 election season, many Christians have been in a quandary about whether they should be supporting Donald for President given his previous life style and character. In effect, from a Christian perspective, the question is whether Mr. Trump is morally unfit to serve as President of the United States? In considering this matter, it is important to understand and apply the relevant Biblical factors related to government, including the nature of government, and the criterion required for serving in the high offices of government.

First, we must observe that God has established all governing authority in this world, as reflected in Romans 13:1 which declares, “…For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” (NASB) All government in this world has been established by God, and the principle purpose of government, or the state, is establish and maintain order, by the punishment of evil, and to protect life and property. This is the charge of the state, and given that the institution of the state is established by God, not unlike the Church, the state operates under His sovereign dominion. In fact, the state is a minister of God as reflected in Romans 13:4, and therefore, the state has a duty to function in accordance with God’s laws and principles, as reflected in the Scripture. Hence, the nature of government is to maintain order in this world, and the nations, in accordance with the will of God.

Now the question is who is eligible to serve as the governing authority, or in this case, as the president of the United States? In order to answer this question, the issue is, what does the Scripture prescribe on this matter? The most salient passage is in Exodus 18, wherein Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law advised him to delegate dispute resolution authority by appointing judges to rule on behalf of the citizens. In this context, he specifies the criterion required for serving as a governing official; and that criterion is as follows:
1. The person must be able, meaning that they have the ability to perform the role and tasks.
2. They must have a fear of God, meaning that they must have a reverence toward Him as the Creator, knowing they are ultimately accountable to Him.
3. They must be honest.
4. They must hate dishonest gain, meaning that they cannot be subject to bribery.

It must be noted that there is no Biblical requirement that those who serve as governing officials must be Christians, and in fact, most of the governing officials in Biblical history were wicked rulers. So no such requirement can be imposed by the Church today.

In view of the foregoing representation, Mr. Trump is certainly not in any way prohibited from a Christian perspective in serving as the governing authority, or more precisely, as president of the United States.

Given the results of the 2016 primary elections, from a political standpoint, there are only two viable candidates for president, namely Mr. Trump, and Mrs. Clinton, one of whom will be elected the next president. In this respect, the determination for whom Christians in America should vote is, in this instance, quickly resolved by answering the threshold question, that being about respecting and protecting life. God is the author of all life, and consequently, no Christian can justly vote for any candidate who is not committed to the protection of human life, by standing firm against abortion, a terrible blight on this nation, which has sanctioned the killing of over 60 million unborn children. Given their position on the threshold issue of life, Christians can only support Mr. Trump’s candidacy for president.

In respect to complaints about Mr. Trump’s past lifestyle and some of his personality characteristics, the fact is that every person living, except one, the Lord Jesus Christ, has sinned against God. As we have demonstrated, whether or not one has sinned against God is not an assessed criterion for service in public office. Hence, Mr. Trump is not disqualified from public service. In addition, there is no religious test for serving as president, and should a Christian apply one, they would be in error, given that there is no constitutional religious requirement, and neglecting to have one is not a violation of Biblical principle.

As surprising as it may seem to some people, Christians are as concerned as any responsible citizen, with the desperate condition of this nation. In this context there are other political reasons to support Mr. Trump. Among all of the primary, and now general election candidates, it is Mr. Trump who raised and articulated this nation’s disastrous situation regarding immigration, and the economy and jobs, two of the three factors which will destroy this nation, if the current trends are not reversed. The third factor which will destroy this nation is moral corruption. However, one must observe that it is not the job of the State, and its officers, the president and congress, to confront this factor. It is the job of the Church to do so; and given the general trends in our culture and society, the Church has been remiss in its role.

All things considered, there is nothing that would preclude Christians from supporting Mr. Trump; and given the duty that Christians have to exercise good stewardship over all things that God has placed in our possession, including the self-governing system in this nation, which requires the active participation of the citizens to function as designed, Christians are obligated to vote, and in this case, to do so for Donald Trump.

Article By Allen Sutton