The Attack on Trump

President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

No one should be the least bit surprised at the meltdown of the American media establishment over President Donald Trump. Remember, before the election, and now after, Donald Trump represents an existential threat to the entire political and media establishment in this country. Other than the fact Trump was elected president, nothing has changed.

President Trump’s “America first” agenda concerning the economy and trade, manufacturing and job creation, immigration, health care, and national security, are antithetical to the establishment’s globalists’ vision.

The establishment, that is, US manufacturers, Wall Street investment firms, big banks, the corporate media, political pundits and strategists, lobbyists, career politicians, and a bureaucratic layer of liberal career government professionals, will do everything in their power to stop Trump; and do not fail to observe, that stopping Trump, means ending American sovereignty, and American economic, and military, strength in the world. In effect, the establishment is really standing against you; that is, “We the People.” Trump is merely the chosen instrument of Main Street middleclass Americans to stop the destruction of the nation.

As you continue to see on all of the network news programs, and many of the regular television programming, Trump is the target of slander, ridicule, false news stories, innuendo, and open hostility. Why are they so venomous toward Trump? There are trillions of dollars at stake in connection with the globalist vision, which is based upon worldwide cheap labor, mass immigration to Europe and the United States, and the removal of the foundation of western civilization, including in America, which is Christianity. The media is so obviously vitriolic toward Trump, that they have now reduced themselves to parity with Saturday Night Live.

So what do “We the People” do? Ignore the establishment, and in particular the corporate media, with the exception of a few honest journalists (e.g., Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Jeanine Pirro, of Fox News). Do not believe anything you see or hear from the corporate media, until after you have heard directly from Trump and his team. Never forget, they lied about Trump before the election, and they continue to do so.

Follow the new media sites such as this one,,, and, for credible information. Follow Trump on Twitter. There is no better way to understand what Trump is doing than directly from him. Most importantly, stand up and stand firm with Trump; he is doing everything within his constitutional power, to end the corruption and save the country from self-destruction, at the hand of the establishment – the enemy within.

“We the People,” that is, you, who elected Donald Trump, must now help him govern. You must be the thunder and the lightening behind him. It is time to call and e-mail your Republican congressional representatives, and advise them that if they stand against Trump, you will stand against them in the next primary election. By the grace of God, the president fights and will never relent. Call the President’s hotline at 202-456-1111and tell him that you support him. It is time for his army of Deplorables to engage.

Allen Sutton