On Removing America’s Historic Artifacts

Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Mr. Mitt Romney and many others in the public square today, do not seem to understand that while neo-nazism epitomizes racism, antifa epitomizes bigotry. It’s all better known as sin; and God is no respecter of persons. In the context of sin, he who hates his brother is a murderer.

It should be no wonder that the culture of the Southern states is being targeted, as it is the current bulwark of the Gospel in this nation; and I thank God that Southerners continue to stand firm and contend earnestly for the faith of the Gospel.

The liberal establishment is now targeting Stone Mountain in Georgia, for the removal of Confederate faces. It will not stop there. The next targets will be the memorials to Washington, Jefferson, and the framers; most of whom owned slaves. The Lincoln Memorial has already been vandalized. Shall we remove the American flag, since it has representations in the stars and stripes of the original Southern colonies and today’s Southern states?

Today, Bishop James Dukes, of Chicago’s Liberation Christian Center, is demanding that Mayor Rahm Emanuel remove a statue of George Washington, and rename Washington Park. They will demand that every vestige of this nation’s heritage be removed, as part of the strategy to fundamentally transform America, the real goal of the liberal socialist globalist establishment.

The President was correct; American history, including representations of its sins, must not be erased – or they may well be repeated. The Civil War, a terrible, yet monumental event in American history, is a representation of what is morally right, and that which is morally wrong.

As Abraham Lincoln correctly quoted in his second inaugural address, “The judgments of the Lord are true; they are righteous altogether.” (Psa 19:9) God’s moral principles always prevail, and the lesson from this defining event in American history must remain, for the sake of posterity.

The President is attempting to preserve American sovereignty, which is completely consistent with God’s framework in this world, of nation states.  This nation remains to this day, the home of the Gospel. These two realities, American sovereignty, and its Christian foundation, are antithetical to the globalists’ vision for America and the world.

America cannot be destroyed without the removal of God and the Bible. This is the real statue being targeted, the Everlasting Rock of Christ.

By Allen Sutton