The Relentless Attacks on Trump

President-elect Trump speaks at news conference at Trump Tower, January 11 2016.

Donald Trump won the election; yet the campaign against him by the liberal establishment continues on all fronts. The Democratic establishment never ceased their campaign. It began almost immediately after November 8th, with the announcement by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, that she would seek state recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin; all states won by Trump, but traditionally Democratic strongholds.

The Democratic establishment knew with absolute certainty that there was no possibility that statewide recounts would alter the outcome of the election results in the three chosen states. Election recount history indicates that state recounts typically mirror Election Day results. This normality is true even under the closest of Election Day results, as reflected in the case of the 2001 Bush versus Gore presidential election in the state of Florida. Bush won the original vote count, and the recount. Nonetheless, money was raised, and recounts began. Wisconsin completed their statewide recount, and Trump actually increased his vote count. In Michigan and Pennsylvania state courts ultimately halted the recount activity, in view of state statutory requirements governing recounts which had not met. Although the recounts were halted, there was no basis for concluding, as acknowledged by Stein, that full recounts would have altered the vote count in Michigan or Pennsylvania. Thus, the pursuit of state recounts was not motivated by any sense among Stein, Clinton, or the liberal establishment, that the original vote count was erroneous.

In the aftermath of the recount activity, the liberal establishment, led by President Obama, Democrat political leaders, and perpetuated by liberal pundits in the corporate media, asserted that there was Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee e-mail system, implying that voters were influenced against supporting Mrs. Clinton. The recent intelligence community report affirms with “high confidence” that Russia did hack the e-mail system; but there was no evidence of tampering with the voting process or any voting machines.

The corporate media has been persistent in raising the question of whether President-elect Trump’s use of Twitter is presidential; suggesting that it is not, and thereby attempting to pressure Trump to cease his use of this social media venue. Trump has used this venue effectively throughout the election season, as it allows him to communicate directly, combined with his other social media venues, with over 40 million people, unfiltered by the corporate media.

Liberal political pundits on cable news networks continually state that Trump lost the popular vote, despite the fact that the popular vote in U.S. presidential elections is of no importance whatsoever, in accordance with the electoral college system.

This past Sunday, Trump was viciously attacked by Hollywood liberal celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards. This should not have been unexpected given that it is well-known that most of these actors and actresses are liberal in their political ideology and view conservatives with contempt.

On Tuesday, January 10th, in the Senate confirmation hearing for Attorney General, Democrats were shameful in their efforts to cast Trump nominee Senator Jeff Sessions, and by extension, President-elect Trump, as racist, and sexist; a continuation of a line of attack leveled against Trump during the general election campaign. In an unprecedented act, Senator Corey Booker appeared before the Confirmation Committee to testify against his senate colleague, Senator Sessions. This act can be construed as nothing other than a shameless and despicable attempt to unjustly disparage Senator Sessions, and more poignantly, elevate himself politically by virtue of appearing on the televised hearing.

At his January 11th news conference, President-elect Trump vehemently rejected the release of an unverified dossier by Buzzfeed, and the subsequent efforts to promote the inherent narrative by CNN. The hoax dossier suggested that Trump had a long-term relationship with the Kremlin, and that Russia had negative information of a personal nature on Trump that might be used to “blackmail” him in his capacity as president.

During some of the senate confirmation hearings, for example, that of retired general James Mattis, as secretary of defense, senators hostile to President-elect Trump, are acting to undermine his perspective and policy positions; such as his posture toward NATO, and the obligation of all NATO countries to meet their alliance financial obligations; or attempting to bind the incoming president to the egregious Iran nuclear weapons agreement, negotiated by President Obama. These senators, whether Democrat or Republican, should be mindful that the people elected Mr. Trump, and supported his policy positions; and moreover, that the people are focused and engaged, and will act to hold their elected representatives accountable now, through making their voices heard, and at the next election as necessary.

Given that the election is over, one might wonder why these attacks against President-elect Trump continue? The answer is simple, to wit: the 2020 presidential campaign has already begun; and in military vernacular, the Democrat establishment, and elements of the Republican establishment, collectively, known as the Uniparty, is engaging in battlefield preparation. The objective of these attacks on Trump is to delegitimize him as president in the eyes of the voters; and to raise doubt about whether Trump won the election, by implying his victory was invalid due to outside interference with the election process.

Will these relentless attacks achieve the objective of delegitimizing Trump? No; and the primary reason they will fail is because the liberal establishment leadership and the corporate media, effectively, is not trusted; and therefore any of their activities targeted toward Trump are viewed as not credible.

What does this mean for “We the People?” The establishment will never stop the attacks to delegitimize soon to be president, Trump. They will be relentless and their colleagues in the corporate media will help them. In this respect, never rely on the corporate media news reports. They are demonstrably not trustable. President-elect Trump, as president, will continue to engage his critics in a robust and continuous manner. You must stay informed and engaged in the nation’s political and governing process, as President Trump works to implement his agenda. Doing so will ensure that the people in high political office will always be aware that “Main Street” Americans are engaged, and will hold them accountable for any work against the people’s interests. In short, there is a new sheriff in town; and he has a vast and focused posse riding with him – the people.

By Allen Sutton