President Trump – Executive Action on Day 1

President-elect Donald Trump

On January 20th, Donald Trump will be sworn-in as the 45th president of the United States. While the inauguration of a president is a historic occasion, Trump’s celebration will be shorter than the customary timeframe; and that is because of the attitude of Trump himself; Trump is a man of action, and is in a hurry to execute his agenda. What can you expect in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s inauguration? The wheels are already turning.

In these days preceding the inauguration, a plethora of executive orders are being drafted, and will be sitting on President Trump’s desk when he arrives in the Oval Office. The first of these orders will rescind regulations on business and industry, imposed by President Obama, that are not directly related to safety, which impede business operations, and increase the cost of doing business to both large, and small businesses. Excessive regulations “soak-up” what would otherwise be investment capital, used to expand businesses and lead to job creation. US companies spend approximately $2 trillion dollars annually to comply with regulations, which contributes to a business environment in the US that is hostile toward business. In short, over-regulation will end starting the afternoon of January 20th.

Second, executive orders by Obama inhibiting the enforcement of current US immigration law will be revoked, and the immigration and border security agencies inside the Department of Homeland Security, such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the US Border Patrol, will be directed to enforce the law; that is, to do their jobs in conducting surveillance, and holding, charging, and/or deporting people illegally in the US.

Third, expect Trump to act to prohibit senior level political appointees from engaging in lobbying activity for at least five(5) years after leaving official government service. Trump’s rationale underlying this new ethics policy is to ensure that individuals serving at the highest level of government are doing so to serve the country’s interests, rather than seeking to enrich themselves personally.

President Trump will also meet with his national security adviser and military leaders to immediately order changes in rules of engagement for US forces operating in and near conflict areas, to afford them heightened protection. He will also move quickly to change the policy prohibiting American service personnel from carrying weapons on military bases, in an effort to increase their protection from possible terrorist attacks on military installations.

In addition, Trump will likely speak with a several world leaders by phone. Such leaders would likely include Prime Minister Teresa May of Great Britain, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

The new president’s inaugural day will not only be a day of celebration, but equally, a working day, one typifying his longstanding business leadership and management style. In short, Trump will get down to the peoples’ business on Day 1.

By Allen Sutton