“We the People” Must Stand Firm with President Trump

President Donald Trump

The people who elected President Trump must be ever mindful of the political realities surrounding the Trump presidency and agenda. The reality is, and will remain, that Donald Trump, and his “America first” policy, represent an existential threat to the liberal, and significant elements of the Republican establishment, who both have the same vision for America, and the world, to wit: global trade; open borders; and mass migration from Asia, Mexico, and the Middle East, in order to support cheap labor all around the world; and most importantly, to bring cheap labor en masse from foreign countries to the United States. This vision would fundamentally transform America, by decimating the middle-class; and result in the U.S. becoming the world’s largest third world country.

Make no mistake, all of the political opposition to President Trump, is motivated by the aforementioned establishment vision for America, and the world. Do not be deceived; the establishment has no honorable intentions underlying their opposition to Trump. The globalists’ vision, which undermines America’s sovereignty, is solely attributable to a zeal for money. There are literally trillions of dollars at stake in connection with global trade, worldwide cheap labor, and open borders.

President Trump signs executive orders in the Oval Office.

In this respect, the establishment has carefully crafted, and is executing a strategy to stop President Trump from being able to implement his policy agenda on the economy, trade, jobs, taxes, national security, immigration, law and order, health care, and education; and to defeat his attempt to “drain the swamp;” his campaign euphemism for rooting out the vast corruption existent in the U.S. government.

The establishment opposition strategy includes delaying, or in some cases, attempting to deny his cabinet appointees; obstructing and delaying the legislative process; filing lawsuits against executive orders and regulatory actions; denigrating the president and his administrative staff by running negative stories in the corporate media; diminishing his successful efforts with U.S. and foreign business leaders to invest and create jobs in America; suggesting that he has some kind of close relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin; and suggesting that the president was disparaging career CIA professionals and others in the nation’s intelligence community.

President Trump meets with business chief executive officers at the White House to discuss investment and job creation in the U.S.

The liberal establishment often cites that he lost the popular vote, despite the fact it is a meaningless assertion in presidential elections. The establishment has even raised the specter of impeaching the president. They continue to organize fake protests and demonstrations. Recently, they suggested that a U.S military raid was a failure because of the very sad loss of a courageous U.S. Navy Seal. They repeatedly call the president racist, sexist, and islamophobic. They have asserted that he is seeking to use the government in a way that financially benefits him and his family’s business interests. They have launched personal attacks on his grown children, and even against his young 10 year old son.

Be ever mindful that the attacks against President Trump, and his administration, will be continuous, withering; and venomous. Notwithstanding, by the grace of Almighty God, Donald Trump is a man of indomitable spirit, and an American patriot. In this context, he will never waver or submit to these opposing forces – no matter what they do.

“We the People,” that is, Main Street Americans, middle-class Americans, elected Donald Trump to the presidency. Now, not unlike him, you must steel your resolve; never allow yourself to get discouraged; ignore all manner of attacks from the establishment against him; and stand firm with the president as he inexorably strives to make America great again.

By Allen Sutton