On the Health Care Debacle in the Senate

Republican Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee block health care bill in the Senate.

There is no excuse for the behavior of these Republican senators obstructing progress on terminating Obamacare. Placing your own narrow and self-centered political interests, above the interests of 270 million Americans suffering under Obamacare is reprehensible, intolerable, and immoral.

The fact that Republicans only have a slight majority in the Senate is not an acceptable excuse for inaction on Obamacare. McConnell should have employed every pressure tactic he ever thought he had to corral Lee, Paul, Moran, Portman, Collins, and anyone else, who refused to compromise their personal political interests, or conservative orthodoxy, for the sake of ending the terrible suffering wrought upon middle-class Americans by socialists politicians who enacted Obamacare.

These Republican senators, who serve no interests, other than that of their big donors, and their personal aspirations, must never be forgotten for their inaction on Obamacare – regardless of actions they may in the future take on other matters. Obamacare is not some insignificant, inconsequential, matter. It has fundamentally altered this nation’s economic foundation, moving it from free market capitalism, rooted in liberty, toward centralized control and socialism. Hence, the mantra from this point forward must be, to wit: if you act in a way that supports the interests of Schumer and Pelosi; you will be treated like them.

At this point, those of you who these senators are supposed to represent, should encourage all Republican voters you know in your state, to melt their phones down. The time has come to raise the temperature of cold anger.

Any Republican senator who is unwilling to risk and sacrifice their personal political interests, to protect the interests of their constituents, is unfit to represent them, as they lack the moral courage necessary to do so.

By Allen Sutton