Donald J. Trump Elected 45th President of the United States

In a great victory for the American People, particularly middle-class Americans, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. Mr. Trump’s campaign repeatedly defied the political establishment, and the political experts, and the November 8th election, was no exception. Trump’s campaign reshaped the political map, with victories not only in the battleground states of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, but also in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Trump’s victory is historic, given that he has never run for, or held, political office. He was continually underestimated by polling experts, and many career politicians. Although Trump was often criticized for his brash style, Trump generally ignored this criticism, and continued to speak in blunt terms; avoiding political correctness, which was a major factor in his appeal to middle-class Americans.

President-elect Trump must now assemble a cabinet, and prepare to enact his policy prescriptions for the economy and trade, job creation, Obamacare, taxes, immigration, and security. Trump will likely begin to move quickly into the transition of leadership phase, which will be led by current New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, whom Trump named several months ago. Trump is scheduled to meet with President Obama tomorrow at the White House to officially begin the peaceful transition of power, a hallmark of the American Government.