DACA Distress

President Trump answers questions about the DACA program during his visit to hurricane victims in Florida.

Donald Trump supporters, should never forget that he is 71 years old; and could have simply spent the rest of his life enjoying his family, with little to no concern for the current state and future of his country. Mr. Trump already enjoyed fame; and his fortune garnered considerable influence in government and in the culture.

Notwithstanding, he chose to enter the political arena, and run for president; placing himself, his family, and his vast business interests, at risk. The odds of Mr. Trump succeeding in a presidential election against a large cadre of current and former US senators and governors, were overwhelmingly negative.

So why did Donald Trump risk his life and business interests to run for president? Trump loves his country; he is a patriot; he knew the gravity of the situation facing the nation; and understood, probably because of his experience with the political class and the establishment, that America was on a path of decline, which ultimately, would lead to its demise. He understood, that another establishment president, whether a Democrat or Republican, would preside over the end of American sovereignty; the end of middle class America; mass immigration; both legal and illegal; and the dangerous reduction of US military power; that which ensures the survival of liberty in the world. To Mr. Trump, this was grave and intolerable; and the option of doing nothing was not acceptable given his patriotic constitution – even if it meant placing his life, and that of his family members, at risk.

Mr. Trump prevailed, by taking up the cause of middle class America, the vast majority of Americans, whose job base, and economic future has been decimated by international trade and the outsourcing of US manufacturing over the past 25 years.

From the time Mr. Trump became a competitive candidate; through winning the Republican nomination; and since winning the presidential election, and being sworn-in as president, Donald Trump has been, and remains, under withering and sustained attack, from the entire industry and political establishment in this country; as he represents an existential threat to their globalist vision; and the trillions of dollars connected to this vision, which is based upon manufacturing in cheap labor markets worldwide.

Thus far, despite the disgraceful attacks, including labeling him a “white supremacist,” the establishment has been unable to penetrate and reduce Mr. Trump’s supporters among the electorate. This week, yet another attempt by the establishment to shake his support, in connection with The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, was executed by the Democrat establishment, via a false report from minority leaders Pelosi and Schumer that Trump made a deal on the DACA program. There was no such deal. Yet, many of Trump’s supporters believed the false report without waiting for any response from Trump or Administration officials.

Within hours of these news reports of a DACA deal, Trump, in both interviews and tweets refuted this report; and subsequently clarified his position on central elements of any possible deal, stating that there will be no amnesty; no citizenship; no voting rights; and no chain migration. This, of course, tempered the uproar among many Trump supporters.

Given this event, it is important to be ever mindful of the fact, that President Trump is fighting every single day on behalf of Main Street Americans; that he will not support any policies that are ignore or undermine their interests; that his priority is, and will remain, America first; and that his judgment can be trusted.

In short, Donald Trump, by virtue of his efforts since becoming a candidate and serving as president, deserves the benefit of the doubt among his supporters for this reason, to wit: he is earning it every single day by striving to protect and promote the interests of Main Street Americans – which is exactly what he was elected to do.

President Donald Trump, as he has since entering the presidential race, is wearing a Kevlar vest for one reason – you. Do not be deceived by establishment chicanery from Democrats or Republicans; but rather stand firm; as the President is standing firm for you.

Allen Sutton