DACA Distress

September 16, 2017 0

Donald Trump supporters, should never forget that he is 71 years old; and could have simply spent the rest of his life enjoying his family, with little to no concern for the current state and […]

On Removing America’s Historic Artifacts

August 16, 2017 0

Mr. Mitt Romney and many others in the public square today, do not seem to understand that while neo-nazism epitomizes racism, antifa epitomizes bigotry. It’s all better known as sin; and God is no respecter […]

The U.S. Strike on Syria

April 10, 2017 0

On Friday April 7th, President Trump ordered a U.S. cruise missile strike on an air base in Syria, in response to Syrian dictator’s Bashar al Assad’s chemical weapon s attack on innocent civilians in his […]

President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

January 30, 2017 0

President Trump’s recent executive order on immigration has spurred some discussion within the Christian community in America. In consideration of this matter, the central issue is whether or not Christians can biblically support this policy, […]

President Trump Acts on Day 1

January 23, 2017 0

Day 1 Presidential Activities and Actions: Meets with business leaders Signs executive orders Meets with union leaders and worker representatives Meets with congressional leaders from both parties Meets with House Speaker Names Air Force Secretary […]

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