Time to Protect the Blue

August 20, 2017 0

On Friday August 18th, six police officers were shot in three US cities.  Two of the officers were killed in these shootings. This article was originally published on March 2nd of this year, after the […]

Time to Protect the Blue

March 2, 2017 0

On February 20th, Officer Keith Boyer, a 27-year veteran of the Whittier Police Department, in Whittier, California, was shot and killed. The man who allegedly killed Officer Boyer is a known gang member, who has been arrested 5 […]

Trump’s Inauguration Ends Political Attack on Police

January 21, 2017 0

As discussed in an earlier Stewardshipamerica.com article, President Trump has effectively ended the liberal establishment’s political attack on our nation’s police officers and broader law enforcement community. Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, the official White House […]

The Political Attack on Police Ends

November 20, 2016 0

With the incoming Trump administration, the political attack against the nation’s law enforcement officers, particularly local police officers, by the Democratic and liberal establishment, will swiftly end. Democrats and liberal ideologues used, and in effect, […]

police officers deserve the benefit of the doubt picture

Police Officers Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt

October 22, 2016 0

As a result of several nationally publicized incidents involving the police use of force, and in particular, deadly force against black men, who were sometimes armed and sometimes not, it has become increasingly common to […]