About Those Polls

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About Those Polls

Throughout the election season, beginning in 2015, media companies have been reporting on the race, and using political polling results to corroborate their analysis of where the race stands, in a given week, or sometimes on a given day. In fact, there are so many polls being conducted, that it may seem pandemic. Although polls are purportedly conducted to provide the voting public with information about the state of the race, today’s polls are often conducted for a different purpose; that being, for example, to influence the voters to support or to oppose a candidate; or to suppress a candidate’s supporters, by releasing negative polling information that demoralizes them to the point they become apathetic, and ultimately decide not to actively participate in the election process. The election polls that are broadcast to the public can generally be divided into two categories, to wit: media-sponsored polls; and non-media polls.

Sadly, it must be observed that so many of the media-sponsored polls, such as the ABC News/Washington Post Poll, Reuters Tracking Poll, the NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll, or the Fox News/Shaw Poll must be rigorously scrutinized for flawed methodology, as in this election season one of the most common elements within the polling methodology is to apply weighting to the polling participants based upon political party affiliation, and to over sample Democrat voters, and under-sample Republican and Independent voters. This tactic leads to a poll outcome which statistically favors the democratic candidate for president, Clinton, as opposed to the Republican candidate, Trump. Oversampling of democrat polling participants is not accidental, but rather intentional; the purpose being to deliver a message to Trump supporters that your candidate is behind in the polls, and thus there is little point to supporting him, by being active in the election process, and voting. In short, if he cannot win, what’s the point?

A legitimate question raised by the use of oversampling democrats, is why would the media companies, and other polling organizations as well, engage in this practice? The answer is actually a simple one; their published polls are one tool in their toolbox that is used to attack and defeat presidential candidate Donald Trump. As described in the article on this website, “Today’s News Media” (Stewardship America Sept. 2016), the media establishment is part of the global business, financial, and political consortium in America, that is determined to stop Donald Trump. Trump represents an existential threat to their globalist interest; that interest principally being to maintain US manufacturing in cheap labor markets around the world; for example in China, and to create cheap labor markets elsewhere, including here in the United States, by importing foreign workers, under the US State Department’s H1B visa program; and subsequently, through the yet to be completed, Trans Pacific Partnership agreement or TPP, which is currently supported by both democrats and republicans, but vehemently opposed by Trump. In Trump’s view, TPP will kill jobs for American workers, and consequently reduce the standard of living for middle class households.

So, given these unfortunate polling realities in today’s political atmosphere, how should interested parties respond? In short, unless you are willing to scrutinize the methodology used in conducting the polls, ignore them. In this context, for anyone interested in understanding the process of scrutinizing a poll’s methodology, please see the excellent analysis provided by The Conservative Treehouse, entitled, ABC / WaPo Push Out Ridiculous D+10 National Media Poll On Eve of Debate… (click here to see this article)

Ignoring the polls does not in any way mean that people should disengage from the political and election process. It is merely a recognition that media-sponsored polls are not to be trusted, as they are intended to push an agenda, and not merely to provide information to the voters. Fortunately, given today’s declining moral and ethical standards, which is impacting so much of society and its institutions, including the media industry, the voters can still obtain the facts about the state of the presidential election from the “new media” sources, which are vast, and accessible via the Internet.

Article By Allen Sutton